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Zugehörige Publikationen für Fachbereich:   Bachelorstudiengang Physikalische Technik

Details ansehen zu: Bachelorstudiengang Physikalische Technik

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Accumulation of Cs-137 by fish and aquatic plants in a small eutrophic lake
Analysis of River Rhine sediments using piecewise CRS Pb-210 model constrained by Cs-137 and Pu-239,240 markers
Angular and spatial color mixing using mixing rods with the geometry of a chaotic-dispersive billiard system
A procedure for the sequential determination of radionuclides in soil and sediment samples
Artificial and natural radionuclides in Yenisei sediments
Availability of caesium radionuclides to plants – classification of soils and role of mycorrhiza.
Cesium-137 activity concentration in water and fish of the eutrophic Lake Vorsee
Comparative study of 137Cs partitioning between solid and liquid phases in Lakes Constance, Lugano and Vorsee.
Constructing a precise and robust chronology for the varved sediment record of Lake Czechowskie (Poland)
Dating of sediments of Lake Biel, Switzerland, with unsupported Pb-210: Problems and results
Distribution of artificial radionuclides in the sediments of the Yenisei River
Distribution of Cs-137 among annual rings of coniferous and deciduous trees from areas with different levels of radioactive contamination
Distribution of gamma-emitting radionuclides in River Yenisei sediments
Distribution of gamma-emitting radionuclides in River Yenisei sediments
Distribution of natural and artificial radionuclides in prealpine lake sediments
Distribution of natural and artificial radionulides in lake sediments
Ecological half-lives of 90Sr and 137Cs in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.
Ecosystem response to human- and climate-induced environmental stress on an anoxic coastal lagoon (Etoliko, Greece) since 1930 AD
Erfassung ökologischer Halbwertszeiten von 90Sr und 137Cs in terrestrischen und aquatischen Ökosystemen.
Establishment of a Cs-137 inventory flow analysis in a eutrophic lake ecosystem
How to get maximal information from an excess Pb-210 vertical distribution of a sediment core samples in the Ruiru-Reservoir, Kenya, close to the equator
Influence of fertilizing on the 137Cs soil–plant transfer in a spruce forest of Southern Germany.
LED Farbmischung mit chaotischen Lichtleitern
Long term Cs-137 time dependences in water and different fish species of a small eutrophic lake
Long-term distribution and migration of Cs-137 in a small lake ecosystem with organic-rich catchment: A case study of Lake Vorsee (Southern Germany)
Migration and bioavailability of 137Cs in forest soil of southern Germany:
Migration of Cs-137 in tributaries, lake water and sediment of Lago Maggiore (Italy, Switzerland) – analysis and comparison with Lago di Lugano and other lakes.
Migration processes of Cs-137 in the drinking water reservoir Lago Maggiore: Measurements and Modeling
Modeling Cs-137 migration processes in lake sediments.
Modelling radiocaesium bioavailability in forest soils.
Natürliche und künstliche Radionuklide in Sedimenten von drei Schweizer Seen
Pb-210 depth-age-relations compared to “imprints” of nuclear discharges in sediments of a chain of freshwater systems
Pb-210 sediment dating: improvements of gamma-measurements of total and supported lead
Radiochemical analysis of U, Am, Np and Pu isotopes in sediments from a chain of freshwater szstems (Switzerland)
Radionuclides in Swiss Lakes: gamma-measurements and Pb-210 sediment dating
Radionuklide in Sedimenten des Bielersees
Raumluftbelastung mit Iod-131 auf einer Radioiodtherapiestation
Seasonality of 137Cs in roe deer from Austria and Germany.
Sedimentationsrate im Südbecken des Luganersees
Single-Image (Real-Time) Photometric Stereo
Site-dependent proxy response to climate change during the last 140 years observed in varved lake sediments in Northern Poland
Spuren der Plutonium-Produktion im Fluss Jenissei.
Time-dependence of the radiocaesium contamination of roe deer: measurement and modelling.
Time-dependency of the 137Cs contamination of wild boar from a region in Southern Germany in the years 1998 to 2008.
Time-dependency of the Bioavailability of Radiocaesium in Lakes and Forests.
Transport and distribution of artificial gamma-emitting radionuclides in river ecosystems
Transport and distribution of artificial gamma-emitting radionuclides in the River Yenisei and its sediment.
Uptake of Cs-137 by coniferous and deciduous trees from areas with different levels of radioactive contamination (in Russian)