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Zugehörige Publikationen für Fachbereich:   Fakultät Maschinenbau

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Adoption and Refusal of Design Strategies, Methods and Tools in Automotive Industry
Adoption and Refusal of Design Strategies, Methods, and Tools in Automotive Industry
Advanced Control and Diagnosis of Industrial Pump Systems
Advanced Diagnosis of Industrial Pump Systems
Advanced Trajectory Planning for Production Energy Estimation
A fault-tolerant approach to the control of a battery assembly system
A Multi-agent Efficient Control System for a Production Mobile Robot
A Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Approach for the Efficient Control of Mobile Robot
An energy rate approach for optimized frequency selection for reproducible fatigue assessment of composites
A receding-horizon approach to state estimation of the battery assembly system
Automated evaluation of manufacturability and cost of steel tube constructions with graph-based design languages
Automated requirements-driven design synthesis of gearboxes with graph-based design languages using state of the art tools
Bi-stabile Knöchelbremse
Compression testing of additively manufactured continuous carbon fiber-reinforced sandwich structures
Conflict Avoidance within Max-Plus Fault-Tolerant Control: Application to a Seat Assembly System
Control and Diagnosis in Integrated Product Development - Observations during the Development of an AGV
Design for Control
Design for Monitoring of a Research Vehicle
Design Guidelines for Diagnosis on the Example of Pump Systems
Design of robust predictive fault-tolerant control for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems: Application to the twin-rotor system
Design, Setup and Test of a Heterogeneous Module and Characterization by Stress Measurement
Development of a System for Production Energy Prognosis
Diagnosis of Three Screw Spindle Pumps Based on Static and Dynamic Modelling
Digital assembly planning using graph-based design languages
Digitale Konzeptplanung von Montageanlagen auf Basis multi-disziplinärer Repräsentationen des Produktlebenszyklus
Digitalisierung der Automobilproduktion durch lebenszyklusübergreifende Engineering-Werkzeuge auf der Basis graphenbasierter Entwurfssprachen
Digital representation of product functions in multicopter design
Distributed and Hierarchical Concept of an Advanced Monitoring, Control and Diagnosis System
Effective tensile strength of additively manufactured discontinuous carbon fiber-reinforced polymer via computed tomography
Effizienz und Zuverlässigkeit durch Regelung und Diagnose bei Pumpensystemen
Einfluss von physikalischen Schaumeigenschaften auf die Ergonomie von Fahrzeugsitzen
Event-based and Multi Agent Control of an Innovative Wheelchair
Extended Kalman Filter Algorithm for Advanced Diagnosis of Positive Displacement Pumps
Extension of performance maps of radial turbocharger turbines using pulsating hot gas flow
Faszination Formula Student
Feasibility of Neural Networks for Self-Learning Diagnosis Systems
Ganzheitliche Anwendung der Automatisierungstechnik für betriebswirtschaftlich nachvollziehbare Energieeffizienz
Gewinnung von Fließkurven aus 3-Punkt-Biegeversuchen mittels analytischen und numerischen Ansätzen
Graphenbasierte Entwurfssprachen für die digitale Konzeptplanung von Montageanlagen
Handbuch Konstruktion
Health-Aware Model-Predictive Control of a Cooperative AGV-Based Production System
Holistic Digital Function Modelling with Graph-Based Design Languages
Holistic Product Optimization based on Design Space Exploration
IBH Wissens- und Technologietransfer. Intelligente Systeme für die Industrie.
Implementation of advanced control and diagnosis
Improved driving experience through optimized foam characteristics
Industrial Application of Advanced Control and Diagnosis
Innovative Foams through Analysis of the Physical Characteristics
Innovative Lenk- und Bremssysteme für autonome Fahrzeuge
Innovative Schäume durch Analyse der physikalischen Eigenschaften
Integrated Optimization based on Balanced Scorecard and Graph-based Languages
Integrating product development models and “in-product models”
Intelligent Systems for the Prognosis of Energy Consumption in Manufacturing and Assembly
Interdisciplinary System Model for Agent Based Mechatronic Design of Turbocharging Systems
Investigation and Support of Evolutionary Design
Layout Design for Industrial Production Systems using Graph-Based Design Languages
Long-term distribution and migration of Cs-137 in a small lake ecosystem with organic-rich catchment: A case study of Lake Vorsee (Southern Germany)
Modeling Discrete-event Systems with Hard Synchronization Constraints
Modelling, Control and Monitoring of Industrial Pump Systems
Modelowanie Kinematyki Mobilnego Robota Transportowego
Monitoring in Product Development
Multi-disziplinäre digitale Repräsentation des Produktlebenszyklus auf der Basis graphenbasierter Entwurfssprachen
Multi-disziplinäre digitale Repräsentation des Produktlebenszyklus auf der Basis graphenbasierter Entwurfssprachen
Nachhaltige Leichtbau-Produktentwicklung an der Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
Neural and Polynomial Modeling of Three-screw Spindle Pumps using D-optimum Experimental Design
Nonsensor Control of Three Screw Spindle Pumps
Novel approach for a holistic and completely digital represented product development process by using graph-based design languages
On a Physics-based Reconstruction Algorithm for Generating Clean Parametric Native CAD-Models from Density-based Topology Optimization Results
Optimization of a Pump Health Monitoring System using Fuzzy Logic
Pb-210 depth-age-relations compared to “imprints” of nuclear discharges in sediments of a chain of freshwater systems
Position evaluation in industrial product life-cycles
Predictive fault-tolerant control for a battery assembly system
Proceedings of the European Workshop on Control Engineering for Industry
Proceedings of the European Workshop on Control Engineering for Industry
Proceedings of the European Workshop on Control Engineering for Industry
Product Monitoring in Systematic Product Development
Prognose des Energieverbrauchs in der Produktion
Prognose und Optimierung von Energieaufwendungen in der Produktion
Quasi-static characterization of polyamide-based discontinuous CFRP manufactured by additive manufacturing and injection molding
Radiochemical analysis of U, Am, Np and Pu isotopes in sediments from a chain of freshwater szstems (Switzerland)
Realization of a Complex Control & Diagnosis System on Simplified Hardware
Remaining Useful Life Prediction for Components of Automated Guided Vehicles
Requirements Management for Monitoring and Control
Robust Quality Control of Products with Experimental Design
Sedimentationsrate im Südbecken des Luganersees
Simulation of the self-loosening of bolted connections with OptiStruct
Skill Development through a Lead Example Driven Curriculum
Systematic Product Development of Control and Diagnosis Functionalities
Systematic Selection of Control, Monitoring and Diagnosis Functionalities
Thermodynamik für Ingenieure
Thermodynamik für Ingenieure
Towards robust predictive fault-tolerant control for a battery assembly system
Wasserkraft - Thema für die Hochschulen? Beispiel Hochschule Ravensburg-Weinagrten
Wie viel Energie verschlingt die Produktion? – Ein Werkzeug für die Prognose der Energieaufwendungen bei der Fertigung von Produkten