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Zugehörige Publikationen für Fachbereich:   Bachelorstudiengang Energie- und Umwelttechnik

Details ansehen zu: Bachelorstudiengang Energie- und Umwelttechnik

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Accumulation of Cs-137 by fish and aquatic plants in a small eutrophic lake
A procedure for the sequential determination of radionuclides: a case study in river sediments
A procedure for the sequential determination of radionuclides in soil and sediment samples
Artificial and natural radionuclides in Yenisei sediments
Constructing a precise and robust chronology for the varved sediment record of Lake Czechowskie (Poland)
Dating of sediments from four Swiss prealpine lakes with Pb-210 determined by gamma-spectrometry: progress and problems
Dating of sediments of Lake Biel, Switzerland, with unsupported Pb-210: Problems and results
Distribution of gamma-emitting radionuclides in River Yenisei sediments
Establishment of a Cs-137 inventory flow analysis in a eutrophic lake ecosystem
Improved virus removal in ceramic depth filters modified with MgO
Long term behaviour and seasonal cycling of Cs-137 in a eutrophic lake in southern Germany
Long-term distribution and migration of Cs-137 in a small lake ecosystem with organic-rich catchment: A case study of Lake Vorsee (Southern Germany)
Modeling of Cs-137 input into the sediment and its vertical distribution within the sediment of a shallow eutrophic lake
Radionuclides in Swiss Lakes: gamma-measurements and Pb-210 sediment dating
Radionuklide in Sedimenten des Bielersees
Site-dependent proxy response to climate change during the last 140 years observed in varved lake sediments in Northern Poland
Site-specific sediment responses to climate change during the last 140 years in three varved lakes in Northen Poland
The digital color viewing light box and other camera-based off-line and in-line helpers for boosting the productivity of traditional and new decoration processes
Uncertainty in the gamma-spectrometric determination of the activity concentration of natural decay chain radionuclides in soil or sediment samples
Varved sediments from Lake Czechowskie (Poland) reveal gradual increase in Atlantic influence during the Holocene
Vertical distribution of radionuclides in three lakes along the river Aare in Switzerland