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Methodological Issues on Measuring Financial Literacy - Detailansicht

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Titel Methodological Issues on Measuring Financial Literacy Antragsdatum
Titel (englisch) Methodological Issues on Measuring Financial Literacy Personenmonate
Laufzeit von 01.03.2017 freigegeben J
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Bewilligungsdatum Projektart Internationale Forschung
Kostenträgernummer Änderungsdatum 12.12.2017 13:09:37
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Beschreibung The assessment of financial knowledge and skills of consumers is essential to study most of the consumer financial behaviors (e.g. indebtedness, saving and investment, retirement planning, etc.). The choice between different options on the market to satisfy a financial need or the awareness about long-term financial consequences of today financial behaviors are widely affected by consumer knowledge about basic financial principles and their ability to apply these concepts in taking a real financial decision.

At the same time financial authorities and regulators can benefit a lot from knowing how much consumers of financial products and services are knowledgable. For instance, a lack of knowledge and understanding about the functioning of basic financial products and a misinterpretation about the possible consequences of the use of such products justify the need of a consumer protection regulatory framework based on the assumption that individuals are the "weak part" of a trade that need to be strictly monitored and sometimes limited in their choices. If individuals were enough financially literate to assess their financial needs and to choose the right solution on the market, a more flexible regulation could be adopted.

The relevance about the consumer financial literacy requires to carefully measure it by taking into account different dimensions as (1) the selection of the areas of knowledge to take into account in that process and (2) the level of detail in these areas that depend by (3) the need of knowledge related with the financial need of individuals.

The attitude to measure financial literacy by a small number of items and referring to very basic financial principles suggested to improve the level of knowldege in this research fields developing a robust methodology and testing it by an empirical analysis of financial consumers in different countries.

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